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Items Of Interest

bulletThe Ron Edwards Bar

In appreciation of the contribution that Ron Edwards has made to club over many years, as a Member, serving on the Committee in various roles, especially as President, and as Buildings Sub Committee coordinator, the Committee has decided that we should recognise Ron as soon as possible rather than waiting until the AGM late in the year so we took the opportunity during the opening weekend to thank Ron and to dedicate the newly refurbished bar in his name.

The letters on the sign are made out of some of the red gum that was reclaimed from the Apira basement when we replaced the stumps - thanks to Ron, Apira doesn't throw anything out........


We covertly filmed the presentation so everyone could enjoy it. So have a look on YouTube at the following address: http://youtu.be/7sf9Ib2FE80 to see the event, expertly produced and recorded by Marnie Edgar.



Some of Ron's corporate supporters struck commemorative editions of some of his favourite products to mark the occasion, and to help celebrate. They even produced extended Use By Date versions for Ron's personal use.!